Friday, July 31, 2009

Amsterdam Gold

It is a good idea to read this write up about Amsterdam Gold and find out who they are before buying gold from them.

It is also prudent to do your own due diligence and compare gold dealers and find out as much about them as possible before committing to any transactions to buy gold.

Amsterdam Gold is a fairly new dealer in gold bullion and silver bullion, and has been recommended by several GATA supporters. Also the dealer has announced will make a contribution to GATA for every GATA supporter who makes a purchase. is owned and operated by Willem Middelkoop Willem Middelkoop (Geneva, Switzerland, 1962) was an English writer, entrepreneur and former stock market commentator on RTL Z. A Dutch financial paper.

The website, was first registered in December 2008. There is an email address one can contact them on and it is very likely both English and Dutch are spoken by email and phone contact.

All the gold bullion bars offered for sale on Amsterdam Gold are produced by Schöne Edelmetaal BV Amsterdam - The Netherlands Schöne Edelmetaal (part of the Umicore group) has been a manufacturer of gold bullion and silver bullion bars Amsterdam, since 1739.

For purchases over 20,000 euro one should email [email protected]. The same for silver bullion also.

Amsterdam Gold is a new gold dealer but Middelkoop is well respected in the field and has been a strong advocate for gold for a long time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Swiss Gold

It is a good idea to read this write up about My Swiss Gold and what they do prior to any dealings with them.

It is prudent to do your own due diligence and find out as much about any gold dealer as possible before committing to any transactions with them.

Who are My Swiss Gold
My Swiss Gold is a registered website owned by NMG International Financial Services (NMG IFS), in Zurich, Switzerland. It is relatively new having been online only since the end of January 2009.

NMG international Financial Services was founded in 2000 as subsidiary of the NMG Group a financial Consulting firm with over 600 employees

Like any Swiss company, the NMG IFS is regulated according to Swiss law for financial intermediaries and audited regularly by the SRO VQ Funder supervision of the Swiss financial market authority.

How Does My Swiss Gold Work

Basically the NMG IFS is a gold dealer and gold storage custodian.

There are no certificates or etfs. It is a case of, ‘let’s get physical’ and all client holdings are stored in physical gold bullion. A client can come in anytime and take delivery of all or part of their gold holdings or even have it delivered to the location of their choice. There are no ‘borrowings’ on the gold so no delays in retrieving it if required. Each gold bar has a certified number recorded and it is stored in a private Swiss bank vault.

The storage includes insurance from a Swiss insurance company against such things as theft and natural disasters like fire and water for example.

Importantly it is regulated. According to Swiss law, e.g., bullion production and quality, customer identification and the confirmation of beneficial owner in accordance with anti-money laundering regulations audited from SRO VQF under supervision of the Swiss Financial Market authority FINMA. Customer identification and application processes with NMG International Financial Services in Zürich according to Swiss law is required of course.

Also any gold trading and storage is done by selected Swiss private banks. There is no physical take out from vault without an identified beneficial owner being present with the certificate of ownership

The gold storage and financial records are also audited by Swiss auditors.

How to Buy Gold from My Swiss Gold
Online there is an application form which would need to be completed. This form is a pdf document and includes the usual information required to open any financial account including notarized identity instruments, such as passport, drivers licence etc.

Once My Swiss Gold has verified the information satisfactorily they then email you the instructions for funding. They only accept traditional bank wire, no checks.

After the funds have arrived they deduct any commission and fees and purchase with the balance, gold on your behalf and store it in the vault. They then confirm with you the fact of purchase and storage so you know your gold is deposited in the bank vault.

Sometimes there are remaining funds after the transaction is completed (due to variations in the gold price and purchase price etc) and so these funds are credited back to your bank account.

My Swiss Gold offer one kilo and twelve and a half kilo gold bullion bars. The price varies from day to day of course but is fixed by the bank the day of the transaction.

Selling gold is a simple matter of completing a liquidation form and sending it to NMG International Financial Services, Zurich, Switzerland.

International Financial Services then sell the gold on your behalf, deduct any fees and transfer the balance to your nominated bank account.

You can also pick up gold personally from the bank containing the vault of gold by making the appropriate arrangements .

How Much Does it Cost
The commissions and fees break down as follows:

Set-up and purchasing commission: prices vary depending on the investment amount but will range between 1.5-2.5 percent The annual storage fee is a flat 0.75 percent per year and is paid for 2 years in advance. If you take out or sell your gold prior to that time you will get a pro rata refund.

In case you sell your gold or pick it up physically at the bank, they will also charge you a 1.5 percent commission on the asset value when it’s sold. In case of physical delivery they will arrange delivery for you anywhere possible at your cost.

So the costs are fairly modest, especially compared to buying gold coins or bullion from a mint or traditional gold dealer. The additional cost is storage but in view of the security and insurance this is also fairly cheap.

Last Word on My Swiss Gold

Gold is usually quoted and traded in troy ounces. This is different to the imperial or avoirdupois ounces used for most other products. In view of this potential confusion My Swiss Gold quotes and trades gold bullion in kilograms only.

This is an easy way to buy gold and have it kept securely for a modest sum. There are no security, shipping or storage issues to be concerned with and one can remove or on sell the gold at any time. It does not state specifically the minimum purchase of gold bullion on the website but it does seem likely that one kilogram would be the minimum given that My Swiss Gold only deals in one and twelve and a half kilogram bars.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pamp Suisse

It is recommended that you read this write up about the Pamp Suisse and what they do before you undertake any dealings with them.

In all transactions with gold or any other precious metal with any gold dealer, it is wise to do your own due diligence and find out as much about them as possible.

Who are Pamp Suisse
Pamp (Produits Artistiques de. Métaux Précieux SA ) Suisse is a private company independent and not subject to government influences.

The Swiss company was founded in Chiasso in 1977, and refines around 400 metric tonnes of gold each year. It is primarily known as a major producer of gold monetary bars, sold throughout the world. Mehdi Barkhordar, is the. managing director and also GoldAvenue CEO. Marwan Shakarchi, is the PAMP chairman

PAMP also produces a broad choice of specialised products in solid gold. These include coins, medals, jewellery and, since 1994, an exclusive collection of solid gold watches, assembled in PAMP's own watch manufacturing facilities

Their website and also under the url were first online in dec 2000.

Pamp Suisse are based at PAMP SA CH-6874 Castel San Pietro, Switzerland.

Pamp Suisse Products

In conjunction with AngloGold Ashanti and GoldAdvance, Pamp produces and markets primarily the famous Pamp Suisse silver bars and Pamp Suisse gold bars. This includes from 400-ounce bars down to kilo-bars, to 100-gram bars and even smaller Pamp Swiss gold bar Pamp Swiss silver bars as well as gold and silver coins.

AngloGold Ashanti, one of the world's leading gold producers, has a portfolio of long-life, relatively low-cost assets with a variety of ore body types in key gold-producing regions around the world. They provide the gold for Pamp Swiss gold bars and Pamp Swizz silver bars as well as other gold and silver bullion products.

Today, PAMP controls more than half of the world market for gold bullion bars weighing less than 50-grams. Also produces a wide range of karat gold alloys for the fine jewelry industry. Wires, plates, rods, strips and of course, grains, are readily available. Any gold alloy can be manufactured upon request.

PAMP is particularly well known for the introduction of a wide variety of decorative designs on the reverse side of its ingots, also known as 'small bars.'

PAMP offers a comprehensive range of gold bullion bars - refined up to 999.9, or even 999.99 purities - and available from 400-ounce (12.5-kgs, accepted as 'Good Delivery' in all major markets worldwide) through to kilo, ten-tola, 100-grams and tael bars. Sizes and purities of bars are matched to the special requirements of regional markets, fabricators or end users.

Of the platinum group metals, PAMP provides 'Good Delivery' bars of platinum and palladium in one- to six-kilogram weights, refined to 999.5 purities, from dedicated state-of-the-art facilities.

All bars are subjected to rigorous inspections and weighing before packing and dispatch, as would be expected of the world's perfectionist in precious metals.

PAMP employs only sworn assayers of precious metals, who work in accordance with the “Swiss Precious Metals Control Law”.

PAMP's assay laboratory is, in addition, certified as conforming to the general competency requirements to carry out tests and/or calibrations, including sampling, of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO / IEC '17025 : 2005' Accredited).

PAMP also stands as one of only five 'Approved Good Delivery Referees' of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), responsible for the testing of samples, the provision of reference samples, and other functions in support of the 'Good Delivery' system.

Buying from Pamp Suisse
Pamp offer a complete production and global delivery service and a customer can buy Pamp Suisse Gold Bars and Pamp Suisse Silver Bars from Pamp directly or from their retail outlet, GoldAdvance.

A customer can also, if desired, hedge their price in the market via the use of PAMP's sister company, MKS Finance. In addition Metal Deposit Account services are also available.

Given its large production capacity and highly automated processes, PAMP can provide a rapid availability even in the most hectic markets due, in part to the in- house development of original equipment for casting bars, including a continuous casting line for ten-tola bars (3.75-ounces) and 100-gram bars

All varieties of Pamp Suisse
Pamp Suisse gold bars, Pamp Credit-Suisse gold bars, Pamp Suisse and Credit-Suisse silver bars are available along with additional gold and silver products. For example:
Pamp swiss gold bullion from 5 grams up to London Good Bars
Pamp swiss silver bullion from 5 grams up to the large bars
Pamp swiss gold coins
Pamp swiss silver coins
Couture Jewelry
Pamp watches, many manufactured with solid gold
Also Platinum and Palladium is available as well.
All pamp gold bar and pamp silver bar products are available at a reasonable price close to spot.

The Last Word on Pamp Suisse

As one of the world's leading precious metals refineries and fabricators, An industry first, the aim has been not only to extend the frontiers of bullion bar concepts, but also to place new emphasis on the intrinsic beauty - and therefore value - of precious metals overall. As a result, the extensive collection of decorative motifs has opened up new doors for ingots as a memorable gift, suitable for all occasions, in every market.

When it comes to investment and in gold and silver however, a more convenient solution would be to buy gold at which remedies the problems of delivery and storage as ones gold is stored for one in special London and Swiss bank vaults and delivery is not an issue.

If you have bought any Pamp Suisse gold or silver from any dealers please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any online complaints and special attention or service given by any dealers of Pamp Suisse gold and silver.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Royal Dutch Mint

This write up of the Royal Dutch Mint explains who the Royal Dutch Mint are and what they deal in and is well worth reading before you decide to buy any gold or silver coins from the Royal Dutch Mint.

As always, it is prudent to always do one’s own due diligence before buying gold from any gold dealer or mint.

Who are the Royal Dutch Mint
Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt N.V., or the Royal Dutch Mint is a public company with limited liability, having its Statutory Address in Utrecht, and trading from Leidseweg 90, Utrecht, The Netherlands, as lodged with the District Court of Utrecht on January 30, 2003, under number 03/23.

The Director is one Mr Maarten T Brouwer and Mr René van Dijk, is the Marketing & Sales Manager.

They are open from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. Their website is and was set up in Jun 2000 with the English version in Jan 2004

The Royal Dutch Mint, is a company owned 100 percent by the Dutch State, and is the the only body since 1807 allowed to strike and give out coins.

It was originally the intention to have the Mint in the Capital Amsterdam, but, at the time there was insufficient capital available so it was decided that Utrecht would be more suitable.

After the defeat of Napoleon in 1814, and the founding of the Netherlands with William I as a King, the Mint was renamed Rijks Munt. However, Belgium was part of this new kingdom, and a second Mint was located in Brussels. When Belgium declared itself independent in 1830 , 's Rijks Munt was the only mint in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. But the provincial coins, made before the unification of the Mint, were still in circulation. Due to the relative high intrinsic value, the "new" coins were only becoming more popular later on. So in 1849 the provincial coins were officially taken out of the circulation.

In 1901 the company was placed under the Ministry of Finance until 1912 when the Mint officially became a company owned by the State. At the end of the Second World War, in 1944, coins were struck in the United States, while the Netherlands were occupied by the Germans.

Then, in 1994 's Rijks Munt was renamed to De Nederlandse Munt NV (The Dutch Mint Inc.). It became a company, and five years later, Royal patronage gave the mint the predicate Koninklijk (Royal) the company was then allowed to call itself De Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt (The Royal Dutch Mint).

The Royal Dutch Mint since 2002 has been allowed to also strike coins for several National Banks in the Euro Zone, as well as coins for Latvia, Guatemala and Honduras. The Dutch Royal Mint also makes a lot of memorial- and collection coins and royal medals.

Products of the Royal Dutch Mint

The Dutch Royal Mint has a number of gold and silver coins, Here is a brief list.
Gold Coins:

Single Gold Ducat 2008
Double Gold Ducat 2006
Aruba 10 Florin Gold Proof
Aruba 25 Florin Gold 2006
Aruba Jubilee-coin 10 Florin Gold 2005
Netherlands Antilles Dolphin Coin Gold 2007
Netherlands Antilles Jubilee-Coin 10 Guilders Gold 2005
Luxembourg 10 Euro Gold "BCL" 2008

Silver Coins:

Queen Juliana Silver Treasure
Silver Ducat 2006
Silver Ducat 2007
Aruba Silver Animal Set
Austria Silver "Philharmonikers" 2008
Silver Miniature Mint Building
Aruba Jubilee-coin 5 Florin Silver 2005
Netherlands Antilles Jubilee-Coin 5 Guilders Silver 2005

Also coins are struck for the following countries.

San Marino
As well as Euro coins, the Royal Dutch Mint also strikes commemorative coins, such as the 10 Euro coin that came out in 2002 for the occasion of the wedding between the Royal Highnesses Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima. More recently, a 5 Euro coin was issued to honor the 400th birthday of Rembrandt.

Buying from the Royal Dutch Mint
When buying from the Royal Dutch Mint one needs to call the mint and place an order. All prices are in Euros unless stated otherwise and are exclusive of VAT, packing and transport costs, as well as exclusive of any travel and accommodation expenses, unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing.

It pays to read the terms and conditions as you have such clauses as:

"3.4 In the event that – after the contract has been agreed, but prior to full or partial delivery - one or more price determining factors, such as the cost of procuring goods, materials or parts, labour costs, levies, taxes, foreign exchange rates etc. increase, the supplier is entitled to adjust his prices accordingly. The supplier undertakes to notify the purchaser in writing as soon as possible after a price has been changed according to this article."

Royal Dutch Mint Delivery

Delivery times are standard and dependent upon where the gold or silver is going to be delivered. The delivery period is deemed to commences no earlier than on the date on which the Royal Dutch Mint has received from the customer all data, information and assistance needed to fill the order.

Delivery will be from Utrecht. However the Royal Dutch Mint accept no responsibility for the transport and insurance of the gold or silver. And the customer is considered responsible for the cost of transport, unless agreed otherwise.

Royal Dutch Mint Payment Options
The Royal Dutch Mint will accept standard payment methods, That can be at the Mint itself or through the postal system. It is best to ring up the mint and agree, when placing the order, on a payment methods that is acceptable to the Mint.

One can pay on invoice but this is likely to require some ID and possibly some security first. Again, one would need to talk with someone at the mint first.

The Last Word on the Royal Dutch Mint
Just as in most other mints, you can buy direct and possibly save a little on their gold and silver coins.

Of course, such coins are more suitable for collectors than for investment. Investment in gold and silver is best done using gold or silver rounds and bullion bars. in addition one can invest in gold and silver by owning it and not having the hassle of storage and transport issues, by going to and opening an account there.

If you have bought any gold coins, silver coins, gold bullion or silver bullion from the, please feel free to leave feedback on the quality of service and products you found, including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online

La Monnaie de Paris

It is recommended that you read this write up about the La Monnaie de Paris and find out all about them.

In all transactions with gold or any other precious metal with any gold dealer or mint, it is always wise to do your own due diligence and find out as much about them as possible.

Who are La Monnaie de Paris
Over the past 2,000 years coins have been minted at a large number of mints throughout France, and, being situated in the capital, the Paris Mint has always been considered the most important resulting in it becoming the sole official French government mint.

The Monnaie de Paris (or Paris Mint in English) is the mint that produces French and other gold and silver coins and medals. It is also known as the "Direction of Coins and Medals”.

The Monnaie de Paris, is a state owned commercial company holding a monopoly on the production of coins for the French Republic. It is also in competition with other European mints for the manufacture of euro coins as well as produces guarantee marks for the State and showcases the collections of Musée de la Monnaie (Mint Museum) to the public where you can find many ancient coins housed there.

The Monnaie de Paris Can be found at 11, quai de Conti, 75270 Paris Cedex 06.

On April 23rd, 2007, Mr. Christophe BEAUX was appointed chief executive officer of the Monnaie de Paris.

Theier website is and the first recorded date of the website is March 2000.

Their sales were an estimated EUR 2.3 billion ($2.2 billion) in 2002.

More About La Monnaie de Paris
The Paris Mint, The Monnaie de Paris is one of the oldest French institutions. An official statement dating back to the time of Charles the Bald : the edict of Pitres (864) bears witness to this.

The Monnaie de Paris is one of Europe's top money-issuing authorities. Informally known as the French Mint, the agency is attached to France's Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Industry, and responsible for the production and issuing of the country's supply of euros.

Monnaie de Paris manufactures coins and bills at its two facilities in Paris and Pessac, in the Gironde region near Bordeaux. The latter facility is a fully equipped mint, with operations spanning the entire cycle from metal production through to packaging. Between 1998 and 2002, the Pessac facility produced over nine billion coins for the launch of the euro.

The state-run agency also manufactures foreign currency coins and bills. Through the Direction of Coins and Medals (DCM), the Monnaie de Paris produces a wide range of commemorative coins for private and business sectors as well as the French government. Going in the direction many mints, such as the Canadian for example, the French mint now produces jewelry and other similar products and 2003 began to hold thematic design compositions in 2003.

The DCM is responsible also for the production of civil and military medals and related honor decorations for the French and other governments including the famous Legion de Honour medal, the highest decoration in France.

Products of La Monnaie de Paris

As well as the Euros of the nation, the Mint produces numerous gold and silver coins of the theme type commemorating various famous French figures, such as Monet and French places such as Lourdes for example. Also many other coins , medals, jewels and pendants, art objects and bronzes

Going to the web site there are many gold and silver coins and coin sets that are listed as “Mintage sold out” so you have to go through them to find something still available. Of course many of the coin sets will still be available from gold and silver coin dealers.

Buying from the Monnaie de Paris
One has to open an account of course to buy from the mint. Then one can select the gold or silver coins one want to buy. The Paris Mint accepts Bank Card with a maximum payment allowed of 1500 euros. Any other form of payment or for amounts larger than that one would have to talk to the mint and make an arrangement. and bank facilities also. VAT is payable on many of the products for members of the European Union but not for overseas, such as US citizens.

Price inclusive of tax, applies to deliveries Inside The European Union. This applies notably in France. The Europe price equals the export price plus 19.60 percent taxes. For Germany the price is the export price plus 16 percent taxes
The currency is stated in EUROS ( 1 euro = FRF 6.55957) and payment is done in euros only. The total price to pay is the Export price plus any tax if applicable plus shipping. If there are any import duties into a particular country, these are not included and the buyer will be responsible for these. Inside the European Union there are no import duties payable.

European Union consists of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lituania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

If the product is found to be faulty by the customer, the mint state they will replace it within 10 days of receipt.

Shipping is generally by "La Poste" for ordinary values and weights : Inside France : Colissimo system (up to 30kg). French Departments and Territories : Overseas system (up to 30 or 10kg) Throughout the World : International Parcel with declared value, ( weight or value >limit for the given country)

The price of shipping includes insurance against theft or damage in transit. The recipients signature will be required upon delivery.

Last Word on La Monnaie de Paris
When it comes to investment and in gold and silver however, a more convenient solution would be to buy gold at which remedies the problems of delivery and storage as ones gold is stored for one in special London and Swiss bank vaults and delivery is not an issue.

If you have bought any Monnaie de Paris gold or silver from or any dealers please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any online complaints and special attention or service given by any dealers or


This write up of the GoldAvenue explains who the GoldAvenue are and what they deal in and is well worth reading before you decide to buy any gold or silver coins from GoldAvenue.

As always, it is prudent to always do one’s own due diligence before buying gold from any gold dealer or mint.

Who are GoldAvenue
Gold Avenue is the offspring of Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, or PAMP, Switzerland's well known precious metals refinery.

In April 11, 2000, AngloGold, J.P. Morgan and PAMP (Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux), three of the world’s prominent companies in gold mining, refining, trading, manufacturing and vaulting, announced the creation of GoldAvenue, as an independent company to offer a range of products and services for businesses, investors and consumers in the gold market primarily through the use of the Internet.

The three partners committed $20 million in seed capital to fund Gold Avenue’s first year of operation and the company rolled out its first products on the website in late 2000.

At the time, Mehdi Barkhordar, the Chief Executive Officer (and CEO of Pamp) stated, "By providing the only place people can purchase, invest, save and trade gold, we will increase market liquidity and create a new appeal for gold by lowering the barrier for access to gold."

GOLDAVENUE is based in 1204 GENEVA – SWITZERLAND and is Commercially Registered with the no. CH-660-1794001-8.

More on the Parent Companies

AngloGold Limited is one of the world's larger gold producers, with 7.5 million ounces of gold produced annually from operations in such countries as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mali, Namibia, South Africa and the United States of America. Its worldwide exploration program covers 13 countries on four continents. The company web address is

PAMP (Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux) is one of the world’s leading private gold refining and manufacturing company. This Swiss company, affiliated with MKS Finance, was founded in Chiasso in 1977 and produces in excess of 12 million ounces of gold annually, valued at around $4 billion US dollars. It is well known primarily as a major producer of gold monetary bars, which are recognized as “Good Delivery” by all the world’s leading gold exchanges. PAMP also produces a broad choice of specialized products in solid gold. These include coins, medals, jewelry and an exclusive collection of solid gold watches, produced in PAMP’s own manufacturing facilities. The company web address is

J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated is one of the more prominent global financial service firms servicing the financial needs of various businesses, enterprises, governments, and individuals. The firm advises on corporate strategy and structure, raises capital, makes markets in financial instruments, and manages investment assets. The company’s web address is

GoldAvenue Products
GoldAvenue retails the products of Pamp primarily. They do not handle wholesale orders for Pamp bullion. This is handled by Pamp themselves.

The full range of GoldAvenue services include:

Gold bullion and silver bullion from 1 gram up in the form of pamp suisse bars. Apart from dealers this is the place to buy gold pamp swiss bars.

In bullion pamp suisse offer gold, silver, platinum, palladium, in weights from 1 g to 100 gram and up to one ounce. Also in rectangular, oval, round and heart

A range of pamp suisse talismans in gold and platinum.

A selection of pamp swizz watches also are available.

Buying from GoldAvenue
GoldAdvance accept the standard credit cards on line and offer the usual services dealers and mints offer. The price are indicated in the currency of site consultation, principally in Euro including all taxes for the European Union, in Swiss Francs including all taxes for Switzerland, in US Dollars.

One has to open an account with GoldAdvance of course and supply details about oneself and then pick the gold or silver bullion you want and add to the shopping cart. This is especially convenient for European and British clients.

Prices vary according to the spot price of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. There is a high premium to be paid also that adds to the cost and makes these more suitable for collections than investment.

Guarantees, Refunds & Returns from GoldAvenue
Ordered jewelry may be returned to GoldAvenue within a period of 7 (seven) business days starting with the time of receipt, provided they have not been worn. A return slip is included in each parcel which should be used for the return. Prior to returning any article GoldAdvance advise that they should be contacted for by email whereupon the correct procedure for returns will be explained.

Where a credit card was use for payment, the credit card used for the purchase will be recredited for the amount of the order, less any shipping expenses. When returning any product, the customer should use the same shipping company as the one that delivered the items to him or her in order to comply with the same shipping, customs and insurance conditions.

It should be noted that any bullion orders cannot be canceled once the order has been received by GoldAdvance due to the volatility of the bullion spot price. Also bullion items may not be returned to GoldAvenue for any refund or exchange regardless of the sale date.

Also GoldAdvance do not accept any order over 5000 US dollars. Any customer wanting to order over that amount should likely contact PAMP Suisse for a wholesale order.

Last Word on GoldAvenue
The premium on the gold bullion is quite high and really puts the Pamp Suisse gold and silver bullion into a novelty range with pamp suisse gold bullion, watches and accessories more suitable for collectors than for investment purposes. Investment in gold and silver is best done using gold or silver rounds and larger bullion bars. In addition one can invest in gold and silver by owning it and not having the hassle of storage and transport issues, by going to and opening an account there.

If you have bought any gold or silver coins or other bullion from, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service by online as well as any complaints and special attention or service given by online.

Monday, September 8, 2008


It is recommended that you read this write up about Gold4ex and what they do before you undertake any dealings with them.

In all transactions with gold or any other precious metal with any gold dealer, it is wise to do your own due diligence and find out as much about them as possible.

Who are Gold4ex
Gold4ex is a Belgium gold dealer and investment broker. The website, is registered to a Laurent Druart under the company name of ULYSSE GROUP S.A. Their address is: Parc Initialis Rue Rene Descartes 20 7000 Mons in Belgium.

Gold4ex Products
Gold4ex are primarily a precious metal dealer and investment broker and, as well as gold coins and gold bars, they also deal in exchange of foreign currencies retail as well as wholesale.

Coins and bars they deal in include:
US Gold Coins
20 Dollar Gold "St. Gaudens"
20 Dollar Gold "Liberty"
10 Dollar Gold "Indian"
10 Dollar Gold "Liberty"
5 Dollar Gold "Indian"
5 Dollar Gold "Liberty"
2 1/2 Dollar Gold "Liberty"
2/12 Dollar Gold "Indian"

Belgian Louis
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
American Gold Eagles
Ecus (French gold coin)
French Napoleon
Australian Gold Nuggets
Mexican Pesos
Netherland Guilders
New Gold Sovereigns
Old Gold Sovereigns
Vrenelis (Swiss gold coins)

Kilo gold bars
Kilo silver bars
Buying from Gold4ex
To buy gold from Gold4ex you will need to call them and establish a relationship with them. You will have to open an account and provide standard ID.

You can negotiate buying gold from them for a set price and that price is then fixed for that transaction.

They also buy gold and currencies and for that it is best to contact them by phone and make arrangements or institute a contract. In this case, when the price for the gold is established and agreed upon they will deposit the funds into your bank account upon production of the gold. This could be in bars or coin form.

Gold4ex offices are open from 9.00am until 16.30pm, Monday through Friday.

Gold4ex claim on their web site that they, "do not charge any commission neither on gold nor on bank notes."

The prices of gold and silver will depend however on the going rate for gold and for USA coins there is a graduation of price depending upon the condition of the coins.

The Last Word on Gold4ex
Gold4ex are primarily a broker and buy and sell currencies as well as make a market in gold coins and gold and silver bars. They do not specialize in gold and silver coins as some gold and silver dealers do.

If you have bought any Gold4ex gold or silver from Gold4ex or any dealers please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any online complaints and special attention or service given by any dealers of Gold4ex gold and silver.